The Men From S.U.R.F. - Secret Underground Retro Fraternity


We, The Men from S.U.R.F. have the only native music of California burned into our DNA. Countless teen-age hours spent playing the songs of The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Belairs, Jan & Dean, and of course, The Beach Boys, have etched this music into our collective souls. The Men from S.U.R.F. also play tunes from bands like Los Straightjackets, Jimmy Buffett, Eddie and the Showmen and in original surf style music from The Men from S.U.R.F. Based in the Pacific Northwest, The Men from S.U.R.F. are ready to surf on into your town and play a show!


Membership in the Secret Underground Retro Fraternity (S.U.R.F.) is open to anyone who enjoys Surf and Hot Rod music. There are no dues, pledges, or confounding handshakes required to be a part of the fun. Just don your shades, wax up your board, tune up your ride, slap on a little sunscreen and enjoy the show!

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